Clinical Supervision and Internship


Our internship program is designed for second year master level students in either counseling or social work. The internship provides the intern with a thorough knowledge of the system of Reiki (obtaining State Certified Reiki Master) and mindfulness-based therapy. This experience includes direct client service hours, record keeping, using the DSM, clinical consultation, weekly individual and peer supervision.

Training and consultation and counseling sessions will be held at The Reiki Training Program, 5701 3rd Ave S. in Georgetown of Seattle.

Other counseling sessions will occur at either West Seattle Wellness, 2600 Barton St. SW or The Fremont Professional Building, 753 N. 35th St.

Student Requirements:

Second year of Master’s program and meeting school requirements for practicum/internship

• A twelve month commitment, minimum of three days a week with flexibility of schedule to accommodate client hours including evening availability

• Attendance every Wednesday from 1.00 – 2.00pm for intern individual supervision or via Skype/Zoom per request

• Attendance of one Sunday/month for Reiki trainings

• Maintain a caseload of 10 (minimum) • Attendance of at least one Wednesday evening Reiki circle/month

• Co-facilitate one or more classes or circles

• Present one mindfulness or Reiki-based workshop

• Willing to work in a supportive, open-communication environment • Assessment and diagnoses observation and practice

• Minimum of eight recorded therapy sessions reviewed in-house with individual supervisor

Eileen Dey Wurst and The Reiki Training Program will provide:

• One hour of weekly intern supervision

• Access to consultation with advanced masters-trained counselors

• Individual and couples psychotherapy training

• Intake, diagnostic and case management training

• Ethics training

• Individual and group therapy hours

• Monthly Reiki and mindfulness-based classes

• Navigating the processes of private pay and insurance billing

Please note: Fulfilling counseling hours and Reiki training can be challenging to complete within the one year program.

Internships  start in mid-January and ends the second week of the following January.  If interested, please request an internship application at